20’s plenty—on our roads

A number of parish councils are considering ways of reducing speeds on our roads, particularly in the rural villages scattered around our district of Selby. The police are not actively involved in doing anything to punish drivers in the few 20mph zones we have.

One possible solution is to just remind drivers that others are out there on the roads, be they cyclists or pedestrians, by the use of signs. We cannot put lots of signs on lamp posts etc, but, we can put stickers on wheelie bins which go out once a week. Imagine the impact on a driver as he or she drives down a narrow village road and sees a multitude of these stickers on bin day!!

The plan is to PERSUADE these drivers to take it steady. At 30mph hitting a child will cause some serious injury or even death. At 20mph things get much better.

Brake are a charity that have been campaigning for years to make our roads safer and they can be visited at:




There is also a campaign website specifically for the different stickers etc: