Carlton Community Hub Launch

Carlton Primary now boasts its own new library which will become a fully fledged Communty Hub soon. Local writer and poet Christine Gabbitas opened the premises this afternoon to a large crowd of children and their parents. Such was the size of the crowd they had to form an orderly queue as it wasn’t big enough for them all at once!!  Lots of tea coffee and soft drinks and some lovely home made cookies helped festivities. The building was being used just as a storeroom until someone had the bright idea of it becoming a Communty Hub. Funding requests, fund raising events and lots of meetings followed from this and I am pleased to say it loks like it will be a great assett to the village. There are a mass of books with more promised and its all booked on-line by the kids—21st century stuff here!!!

Christine did a wonderful job and signed a pile of books which were also for sale