Outcome of the EU referendum—the country has voted to LEAVE

You will have seen the media frenzy around the outcome of the referendum and now know the outcome. Can I take the opportunity to thank all the residents and voters in my ward who went to the polling stations and cast their vote. You can all be proud of taking part in this vote, which ever side you cast your vote. Turn out was high with around 94% of all those with a postal vote actually voting (and incidentally there are now a lot more who do postal voting now) and a overall turnout of over 80%. That is testament to how democracy should work.

Yes it appears there are divisions in the country, but we have always had them down party lines anyhow, so this is nothing new. What is new is the amount of actual engagement by the public in this important event.

Our MP Nigel Adams is still in London at this point in time because thats where he needs to be in order to help get things organised. There is a lot to do and a lot of decisions to be made. The public have voted and those who are our elected officials now have to act up the result.


Thank you

Mike Jordan BSc 13521922_835898583181664_5566715383617559756_n